The design and engineering division of Electrotyazhmash-Privod LLC has a considerable experience in designing and upgrading the various types of electric machinery. The company is mainly focused on:

  • development of design, process and technical documentation for a wide range of electric machinery;
  • technical assistance in equipment manufacturing process;
  • upgrading the existing equipment;
  • supporting Customers in equipment operation and repair;
  • field supervision during equipment manufacturing and installation;
  • development of equipment detailed design to be approved by the General Designer.

Designing is made using the dedicated 2D and 3D modeling programs Compass, SolidWorks, as well as automated design systems Compass-Graphic, Compass Manager, Vertical, and Lotsman:PLM.

Electromagnetic, thermal, ventilation and mechanical calculations are performed in ANSYS software environment supplemented with in-house procedures and programs allowing predicting the various operation modes both on the test bench and in real operation conditions.

The procedures and programs are developed based on comparison and analysis of a large number of test results and calculated data accumulated over the entire history of specialists’ work. The calculation programs are continuously updated and adapted to match the advanced hardware and software technologies.

Engineering and Technical Centers of Electrotyazhmash-Privod LLC (Lysva, Perm Region)

Focuses on designing, modernization and field supervision over the serial production of electrical machinery: turbo generators with capacity of up to 63 MW to be used with gas and steam turbines; synchronous industrial and explosion-proof motors with capacity of up to 12.5 MW; explosion-proof and general industrial asynchronous motors of horizontal and vertical versions with capacity of up to 2,500 kW, traction electrical equipment. The engineers of the center design motors for new market segments: DARB series asynchronous variable frequency motors with capacity of 1,200 kW for the drive of drilling rigs; DARG series motors with capacity of 3,500 kW for drive of marine propellers.

Engineering Center of Privod LLC (St. Petersburg)

It is a creator for the innovative range of turbogenerators with tubular body (TTK series) with capacity of up to 225 MW to be used with steam or gas turbines. The design feature of the unit is location inside a tubular body allowing significantly reducing the weight and sizes, vibration and noise load, as well as improving margin by temperature loads.

Engineering Center of Privod LLC (Yekaterinburg)

It focuses on designing of new and major overhaul of the existing hydraulic generators with capacity from 1 to 300 MW. This subsidiary has over 60-year experience in designing of hydraulic generators with a wide range of capacities and rotation speeds. Hydraulic generators developed by the designers of the center are successfully used at numerous hydro-electric power plants both in Russia and abroad.