Privod LLC

Electrotyazhmash-Privod LLC (the successor to Lysva Machinery Works Privod) has a long history that lasts for 70 years. The company was founded in the era of forming and re-equipping of the basic industries in the Russian economy in the middle of the last century. The Board of the USSR Electric Industry People's Commissariat approved the plan to construct the Lysva Turbine Generator Plant on May 22nd, 1939. However, the Great Patriotic War intervened into the plans: it was only in December 1951 that the first production building was commissioned and on October 5, 1952 the foundry shop produced the first casting.

The economic recovered in a severe environment, since the country suffered extensive losses. The national economy was in a great need for a wide range of new powerful electric machinery. The plant had a task to put the capacities into operation to produce turbogenerators (with single capacity up to 25 thousand kW) as soon as possible and then organize production of synchronous motors for compressor units, hydraulic generators (from 10 to 25 thousand kW), as well as powerful asynchronous motors.

The entire subsequent history of Lysva Plant consisted of a gradual execution of the large-scale state plans. Each of the next decades became an important step towards the production improvement.

  • 1950s. Commencement of the production of synchronous motors, turbogenerators and hydrogenerators.

    In 1953 the plant produced its first synchronous motor DSK, and by 1957 already the thousandth machinery was delivered to the customer.

    In 1955 an important technical and process achievement was production of the first turbogenerators of T2 series with capacity of 750 and 1,500 kW – the most complex electric machinery developed by Leningrad Plant Electrosila.

    Lysva turbogenerators were used at the majority of isolated power facilities to supply power to the recently founded towns and settlements, oil and gas fields and mines located far away from the main transmission lines.

    The products manufactured at Lysva Plant were delivered for construction of Kama HPP, Berezniki Potassium Plant, Volga-Don Shipping Canal and Leningrad subway.

    The electric machinery became widely used in the oil producing and refining, petrochemical and gas industries.

    1959 became a significant milestone of the company development, when after a large-scale reconstruction the plant grew almost twice becoming the largest one in the industry. It gained the right to develop and manufacture powerful electric machinery, as well as perform commissioning at the Customers’ facilities.

  • 1960s. Capacity increase for electrical machinery up to 30 MW. Commencement of production of synchronous turbomotors for oil&gas industry.

    The entire next decade was spent for developing new capacities. Lysva Plant developed production of STM motors unified with turbogenerators of T2 series, as well as 57 new unique types of electric machinery. Production of the most complex electric machinery for that time with capacity of up to 30 MW and T2-12 turbogenerators with capacity of 12 MW was developed.

    At the same time the first supplies of the products abroad were started.

    In 1966 Lysva Plant opened a new page in the history of domestic electric machinery engineering by putting a new model prototype of a high-speed synchronous turbomotor into production for the oil industry. By the end of the decade the plant had already started the batch production of motors of STD series (14 sizes by capacities). During the same period the prototype of oil-filled motor was proposed to the oil industry.

  • 1970s. The first traction generators for diesel locomotives were produced. Production of asynchronous explosion-proof motors was started.

    In the 1970s the company expanded its product range by developing production of traction generators for diesel locomotives, as well as asynchronous explosion-protected motors.

    The company developed production of powerful DC motors for mining walking excavators.

    At the end of the 1970s and early 1980s Lysva Plant assembled the first 63 MW hydrogen-cooled generator for thermal power plants and began manufacturing generators for gas turbine power plants.

  • 1980s. Production of hydrogen-cooled turbogenerators with capacity up to 63 MW and generators for gas-turbine power plants.

    At the end of the 1970s and early 1980s the plant assembled the first hydrogen-cooled generator with capacity of 63 MW for thermal power plants.

    In 1981 the group of engineers was awarded the title of laureate of State Prize for designing the series of synchronous turbomotors.

  • 1990s. Start of production of air-cooled generators with capacity up to 63 MW, turbogenerators for gas-turbine power plants with capacity up to 12 MW and traction motors.

    In the early 1990s Lysva Plant was one of the first in Russia and the first in Lysva to undergo corporatization procedure and eventually changed its name to Privod LLC. Despite the hard period of the country passing to new market relations and the general industry decline, the plant not only survived, but continued developing. Particularly, commencement of production of the air-cooled generators with capacity of up to 63 MW, turbogenerators for gas turbine power plants (up to 12 MW) and traction motors for mainline diesel locomotives and diesel locomotive shunters, is related to this period.

  • 2000s. Production of the traction electrical equipment sets for city transport, hydrogenerators with capacity up to 66 MW and turbogenerators of TTK-series with capacity up to 110 MW.

    The new millennium brought a great motivation to increase the production capacity. Reform of Russian energy sector pushed producing and refining companies to build and modernize their power facilities in order to increase the demand for new equipment. Electrotyazhmash-Privod LLC became one of the main suppliers of power generating facilities for the domestic power engineering of oil and metallurgic holdings, including Surgutneftegaz, LUKOIL, Novolipetsk Metallurgic Plant, Kondopoga Pulp and Paper Plant.

    The company expanded the range of turbogenerators for gas and steam turbines, which made it possible to enter the market of equipment for the power plants with units having capacity over 16 MW.

    Since 2004 the plant had been supplying DATE-170 asynchronous motors for modern Rusich subway cars. The plant manufactured a unique traction motor for the first Russian gas turbine locomotive GT-1 and its latest version GT1h-002. Production of electrical equipment for diesel locomotives with asynchronous drive was developed.

    In 2007 the first Russian variable-speed explosion-protected synchronous motor RVSD with capacity of 14 MW to be used at the oil and gas pipelines as an efficient and more environment-friendly alternative to gas turbines had successfully passed the factory tests

    In 2008 production of TTK series turbogenerators of completely new design (with a tubular body) and capacity of up to 110 MW was launched for the first time in Russia.

  • 2010s. Packaging of gas turbines and gas reciprocating power plants was started.

    Together with General Electric (USA) the first experience in packaging of gas turbine power plants was obtained. The low-speed salient pole generators for gas piston power plants of Kawasaki Heavy Industries (Japan) was designed and manufactured. Together with Rockwell Automation (USA) the projects on high-voltage variable-frequency drive were implemented.

    The quality and reliability of the products of Electrotyazhmash-Privod LLC has guaranteed the effective and longstanding cooperation with major oil and gas companies (Gazprom, LUKOIL, Transneft, Rosneft, Tatneft). Surgutneftegaz became one of the major customers.

    Production of hydraulic generators in the renewable energy sector was and remains one of the key trends of the company since its foundation and to the present day. Over the years numerous projects have been executed in Russia, as well as within adjacent countries and abroad. Experience in delivery of large electric machinery to such locations being maximum far away from Russia as Chile, Ecuador and Panama proved the company's ability to work globally.

    One of the top-priority activities for Electrotyazhmash-Privod LLC is participation in the import substitution and import product manufacturing localization program. For example, development and manufacture of DARB series asynchronous explosion-protected motors to be used as the main drive of the advanced drilling rigs allowed replacing the similar European and Chinese products.

    The import substitution program also includes high-speed variable-frequency motor driven units. DAVP series high-speed explosion-protected asynchronous motors with capacity up to 10.5 MW and rotation speed up to 6,300 rpm are unrivaled in Russia.

    The new machinery produced by the company has similar specifications and quality parameters as the products of the world's leading companies or even surpasses them in a number of parameters. They show a greater safety degree in severe climatic conditions in the fields, as well as power failure resistance.

    Operating time gained during design of 3.5 MW propulsion engine allowed winning a tender for development and manufacture of synchronous reaction motors for propeller drives, as well as thruster asynchronous motors for Russian shallow-draft icebreakers.

Today, Electrotyazhmash-Privod LLC continues the traditions of Lysva Turbine Generator Plant and is one of the largest manufacturers of power generating equipment in Russia. Its strategic plans consist in further expansion of the product range with a focus on both traditional and new emerging sectors of the Russian economy.