Production Capacities

Electrotyazhmash-Privod LLC is a full-cycle production company. A common industrial site provides efficient cooperation of all subsidiaries to create machinery that meets the highest customer requirements.

The manufacturing process is carried out in a full-cycle production facility with a single process chain, including welding and blank preparation, casting and stamping, insulation and winding, mechanical and assembly areas, as well as the testing center.

The plant counts over 2,000 units of industrial equipment. Over 100 units are unique machines, high-technology processing systems made by well-known global manufacturers, such as Vincent Industrie (France), Micamation (Switzerland), Steremat Elektrowarme (Germany) and many others.

Blank Production

The company manufactures active iron sheets for all types of electrical machinery inhouse. A large machine pool for sheet metal cutting and stamping ensures minimum production time at the highest precision level. The stock of blanks reduces the manufacturing cycle and guarantees quick respond to the customer requirements.

Welding Production

The company produces welded metal structures of any category weighing up to 50 tons, including explosion-protected ones. All welded products are subjected to quality control by dye penetrant inspection and ultrasonic seam inspection.

Insulation and Winding Production

Equipped with modern high-tech equipment made by the world's leading manufacturers used to perform the full range of winding operations for stators and rotors for the manufactured electrical machinery in order to carry out the insulation, molding and soldering operations inhouse.

Mechanical Production

The wide machine pool for mechanical production allows processing the parts and units for electrical machinery weighing up to 50 tons with overall dimensions of up to 6 meters. CNC machines ensure high product processing quality. The mechanical production is equipped with multi-functional machines giving the opportunity to perform several operations simultaneously. Inhouse tool-making department produces the necessary tools and accessories.

Assembly Production

Equipped with the required equipment ensuring the precise assembly of all machinery sizes. The perfect electrical machinery assembly is the result of a well-coordinated work of the staff: assemblers, solderers, slingers and crane operators.

Test Centre

It includes three test benches, acceleration and balancing complex and intermediate inspection points. The testing programs and procedures are developed according to the customer requirements. The center performs tests for the whole product range: generators, synchronous and asynchronous motors, etc. It also has equipment for direct starting of electric machinery with capacity of up to 8 MW inclusively.