СТДМ series motors, 630...2,000 kW

СТДМ series motors, 630...2,000 kW

СТДМ series synchronous turbocharged motors with a capacity of 630...2,000 kW powered by three-phase 50 Hz AC mains are designed to drive pumps, compressors, gas superchargers, blowers and other high-speed mechanisms used in non-explosive indoor environments with moderate climate. If agreed with the Customer, СТДМ series turbocharged motors can be manufactured using the mounting and connection dimensions of the previously manufactured turbo motors such as СТМ, СТМС, СТМП. If agreed with the Customer, СТДМ motors with a capacity of 630... 2,000 kW can be fitted with a circulation or oil-bath (stand-alone) bearing lubrication system.

If agreed with the Customer, the motors can be fitted with sound-proof casings reducing the noise level as well as with cooling air filtration system.

Product type Power,
Rotation speed,
СТДМ-630-2Р УХЛ46306000300095,93800
СТДМ-630-2Р УХЛ463010000300095,73800
СТДМ-630-2З УХЛ46306000300095,94400
СТДМ-630-2З УХЛ463010000300095,74400
СТДМ-800-2Р УХЛ48006000300096,14000
СТДМ-800-2Р УХЛ480010000300095,94000
СТДМ-800-2З УХЛ48006000300096,14600
СТДМ-800-2З УХЛ480010000300095,94600
СТДМ-1000-2Р УХЛ410006000300096,54500
СТДМ-1000-2Р УХЛ4100010000300096,14500
СТДМ-1000-2З УХЛ410006000300096,55000
СТДМ-1000-2З УХЛ4100010000300096,15000
СТДМ-1250-2Р УХЛ412506000300096,96000
СТДМ-1250-2Р УХЛ4125010000300096,56000
СТДМ-1250-2З УХЛ412506000300096,96400
СТДМ-1250-2З УХЛ4125010000300096,56400
СТДМ-1600-2Р УХЛ4160060003000976200
СТДМ-1600-2Р УХЛ4160010000300096,76200
СТДМ-1600-2З УХЛ4160060003000977000
СТДМ-1600-2З УХЛ4160010000300096,77000
СТДМ-2000-2Р УХЛ4200060003000976600
СТДМ-2000-2Р УХЛ4200010000300096,96600
СТДМ-2000-2З УХЛ4200060003000977500
СТДМ-2000-2З УХЛ4200010000300096,97500

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