Propulsion motor ДСРГ

Propulsion reluctance motors with antizotropic magnetic conductivity of rotor DSRG-1700-0,66-100 M4, DSRG-1630-0,66-300 M4, are designed for operation as a part of the electric propulsion system of shallow-seated icebreaker intended for operating conditions within water areas of the Caspian and Azov seas.

Electric motor ДСРГ-1700-0.66-1000 М4 is designed for operation as a part of rudder propeller.

Electric motor ДСРГ-1630-0.66-300 М4 is designed for operation directly on the propeller.

The main advantages of this range of electric motors are a simple and reliable design of the rotor without magnets and short-circuited winding. Due to the fact that there are no currents in the rotor, it does not heat up, which increases the service life of the electric motor. Absence of windings and magnets in the rotor also affects the fact that the moment of inertia of the rotor is lower that allows gaining speed faster. Operating as a part of frequency converter the synchronous reaction motor has the possibility to control the speed of rotation within a wide range of speeds.

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