Delivery of the GTG-6 turbo generator


Delivery of the GTG-6 turbo generator

In May 2021, Privod LLC manufactured and delivered to the customer a synchronous turbo generator of the GTG-6-2UHL3 type, with a capacity of 6 MW, a voltage of 6300 V, a rotation speed of 3000 rpm with a brushless excitation system.

The turbo generator is designed to generate electric energy as part of a gas turbine unit.

GTG-6-2 UHL3 is structurally made with an open ventilation cycle, cooling is carried out through the air recirculation unit.

Synchronous turbine generators GTG-6, manufactured by Privod LLC, have passed the certification procedure in the Eurasian Economic Union. A declaration of compliance with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU 020/2011) was received.

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