Service maintenance

Service maintenance PRIVOD

Service and technical maintenance center in PRIVOD provides services for chief-control installation, commissioning and start-ups of the large electrical machines as well as warranty and post-warranty services. Well-experienced personnel of the center in cooperation with designers come to onsite to carry out the whole range of operations including installation, start-ups, diagnostics and technical maintenance.

Service and technical maintenance center carries out service operations during the whole machine lifetime.

  • Maintenance at pre-sale period:

  • • Diagnostics of life-expired machines and fault finding;
  • • Assistance during equipment selection and technical writing;
  • • Technical help about operation, installation and setting up new machines.
  • Setting machines into operation:

  • • Mounting supervision includes control on the correctness of erection and assembly, equipment assembly onsite;
  • • Setting up supervision includes verification of technical characteristics and excitation management system testing;
  • • Complex testing includes equipment testing at full-load onsite;
  • • Technical help about the whole range of issues concerning mounting and installation.
  • Maintenance during warranty period:

  • • Online problem solving concerning the electrical equipment operation together with all enterprise services;
  • • Express supply of spare parts;
  • • Emergency repairs includes visit of a group of technical engineers during four days in order to perform repair-and-renewal operations;
  • • Monitoring and operational control includes annual data collection about equipment operation;
  • • Preventive repairs include preventive, current and major repairs.
  • Maintenance at after-sale period:

  • • Complex diagnostics the electrical equipment after continuous operation and storage;
  • • Vibration testing includes adjustment vibration on bearings, stator and rotor, removal of low-frequency vibrations on bearings and shaft, frame vibration diagnostics;
  • • Preventive operations;
  • • Customized repair onsite includes changing worn out parts and junctions, major repair of stators and rotors;
  • • Bearing unit repair;
  • • Updating excitation systems;
  • • Updating control and diagnostics systems;
  • • Express supply of spare parts and materials.
  • Technicians training that service the equipment.

  • Dismantling and utilizing the expired-life equipment.