Operational capacities

Operational capacities PRIVOD

PRIVOD has full production cycle. The united production shop provides efficient cooperation for all divisions in order to produce electrical machines that meet the highest customer requirements. Due to all production lines are located beneath the same roof, it allows to minimize terms and operating costs as well as provides 100% control at each production stage.

The company makes investments for updating the operational capacities by purchasing the advanced machinery from the leading producers. The company launched the modernization program providing for change out-of-date machinery and increase product quality. It makes possible to reduce lead time and increase quality. The production capacities includes 2500 machinery items including internationally known companies like Vincent Industrie (France), Micamation (Switzerland), Steremat Elektrowarme (Germany), etc.

Raw Materials

The company independently produces laminations for all types of electric machines. Wide range of machineries for cutting and stamping the laminations provides minimal lead time at maximal production accuracy. Storage of production surpluses reduces lead time and response time to meet the customer needs.

Welding Division

It issues metal structures of any class up to 50 tons, including the explosion-proof. All welded items exposed to quality control by dye penetrant flaw detection and ultrasonic weld joints control.

Insulation and winding Division

Equipped with advanced high-tech machineries, produced by the leading producers in order to perform full production cycle of stator/rotor winding to carry out insulation, molding and soldering beneath the same roof.

Machinery division

Wide range of machineries makes possible to process machines’ parts and junctions up to 50 tons and dimensions up to 6 meters. CNC machines provide high accuracy of machining. The machining division equipped with multi-operational machines that simultaneously perform several operations. The company also has its own Instrumental division that produces all necessary tools and mountings.

Assembly division

It equipped with all necessary machineries for providing accurate assembly of electrical machines of any dimension. Ideal assembly of electrical machines is guaranteed by well-coordinated team of professionals: assembly fitters, tinkers, winding men, strappers and hoisters.

Test center

It has three testing benches, accelerate-balancing unit and intermediate control units. Testing procedures made up as per customer requirements. The center carries out testing all range of production: generators, synchronous and asynchronous motors and other equipment. The center also has special equipment for direct online starts of the electric machines with the power range up to 8 MW inclusively.