Designing  PRIVOD

Up-to-date designing is the key competitive advantage of PRIVOD and guarantee of production high-end and high-quality products. 200 designers at four engineering centers perform designing and supervision at all production stages of electrical machines.

  • Engineering centers are focused on:

  • • designing and serial production brand new types of machines;
  • • introduction new technical solutions on the whole range of the most relevant machines and deep improvement of the operating ones;
  • • designing the brandnew electrical machines for new market segments.

Engineering Center PRIVOD
(Lysva, Permsky Region)

specializes on designing, upgrading and supervision for serial-produced electrical machines: turbogenerators with power range up to 63 MW for junction with gas and steam turbines; synchronous motors with power range up to 12500 kW; explosion-proof and industrial asynchronous horizontal/vertical electrical motors with power range up to 2000 kW; traction electric equipment. Designers carry out designing the brandnew motors: DARB with power range of 1,2 MW for drilling rigs;DARG with power range of 3,5 MW for driving marine propellers.

Engineering Center PRIVOD

The division creates turbogenerators equipped with tubular casing (TTK-series) with power range of up to 225MW for junction with gas and steam turbines. The machine build-in feature is tubular casing, which allows considerably decrease weight and dimensions.

Engineering Center PRIVOD

designs the range of explosion-proof asynchronous electric motors with power range of up to 5 MW and vertical asynchronous electric motors with power range of up to 8 MW for nuclear power stations.

Engineering Center PRIVOD

specializes on designing the brandnew hydrogenerators and deep upgrading the operating ones with power range of up to 300 MW. The division has over 60-years experience the designing hydrogenerators with large power ranges and speed. Hydrogenerators, designed by the center’s engineers, successfully operate at numerous hydroelectric power stations in Russia as well as abroad.