History Electrotyazhmash-Privod

"PRIVOD" is one of the largest Russian machine-building enterprises over designing and production of electric machines.

22nd of May, 1939, Russian goverment approved the building of the Turbogenerator Plant in Lysva, Perm region. The first production shop was commissioned at 27th of December, 1951, and at 5th of October, 1952, the foundry was launched and then issued the first ingot. The main task of those years was to launch production of the turbogenerators with the power range of up to 25 MW as soon as possible; next step – development synchronous motors for compressor’s stations; hydrogenerators with the power range from 10 up to 25000 kW; large high-voltage asynchronous motors.

1950s - launched the production of synchronous motors, turbogenerators and hydrogenerators.

In 1953 the plant produced the first electric machine. It was the synchronous motor DSK -series. In 1957 the factory had manufactured first thousand machines. At the same time the plant started mastering production of consumer goods.

In 1955 an important technical and production break-through was start-up the production of the first turbogenerators T2-series with power capacity of 750 kW and 1500 kW: there were complicated electric machines, designed on the plant "Electrosila". Lysva’ turbogenerators had been applied at most power facilities at the time to supply electricity to remote power lines for newly built cities and villages, oil&gas mine workings and fields. Machines produced by our company had been supplied for building Kama hydro power station, Berezniki potash plant, the Volga-Don maritime canal and for the subway in Leningrad. Lysva’ electric machines are widely applied at oil refining facilities, chemical, petrochemical and gas industries since that time.

In 1959 Lysva plant was reconstructed. After this the plant has grown almost twice and has become one of the largest enterprises in the industry. Since then the company independently designs, produces and commissions powerful electric machines at worksites. Over the next decade Lysva plant developed the production of motor CTM-series, which was unified with turbogenerators T2-series. Also 57 unique electric machines were designed and finally got started the export supplies. Then the plant developed production of the largest and complicated electric machines at the time, there are T2 12MW turbogenerators.

1960s - Growing production capacity for manufacturing electrical machines with power range up to 30 MW. Launch production of synchronous turboengines for oil&gas industry.

In the early 60's our design team began to develop brandnew high-speed synchronous turbomotors for oil industry. Head pattern of STD-series was put into production in 1966, thus opening a new page in the history of the domestic electrical machine-building engineering.

In the late 60's was started serial production of the motors STD-series, includes 14 dimension capacities. At the same time the plant produced a prototype model of oil-filled motor for the oil industry.

1970s - First traction generators for diesel locomotives were produced. Got started production of the asynchronous explosion-proof motors.

For application on mobile (“walking”) excavators, produced by Uralmash (Ural Machine-building Plant), was developed the production of high-power DC machines.
By 1978, more than 200 factory technicians were awarded government awards for outstanding achievements.

1980s - production of the turbogenerators equipped with hydrogen cooling system and power capacity up to 63 MW; turbogenerators for gas-turbine power plants.

In the late 70's and early 80's the plant assembled the first hydrogen-cooled generator with power capacity of 63 MW for thermal power plants.

In 1981, for designing the series of synchronous turbomotors, the group of engineers was awarded the title of laureate of the State Prize.

1990s - Start of production of air-cooled generators with power capacity up to 63 MW; turbogenerators for gas-turbine power plants with power capacity up to 12 MW; traction motors.

In the early 90s XX’s century the plant was among the first in Russia and the first in Lysva that went through the process of changing government ownerships. The company was renamed in "Privod" (“Driver”) and is the private owned company since that.

Despite the difficult period of formation of market relations in Russia and breakdown of industrial production, the plant approached the most advanced positions in the electrical industry.

2000S - production of the traction electrical equipment for city transport applications, production of the hydrogenerators with power capacity up to 66 MW and turbogenerators TTK-series with power capacity up to 110 MW.

In the beginning of the new century the plant made evident its new achievements. At the time was expanded the product range of turbogenerators for steam and gas turbines, which facilitated entering the market of electric equipment for power plants with capacity of 16 MW and over. The reform of Russia's energy sector contributed to the construction and development the power units of the largest industrial companies in the country. Today "Electrotyazhmash-Privod" is one of the key suppliers for oil, metallurgical and other industries, among them are the following enterprises: ОАО "Surgutneftegas", OAO "LUKOIL", Novolipetsk Steel Plant, Kondapoga Pulp&Paper Plant.

Since 2004 the company supplies asynchronous motors DATE170-series for driving the modern underground railway carriages called "Rusich". The plant produced the unique traction unit for Russia's first LNG Gas Turbine Locomotive GT-1-series; developed the production of electrical equipment for diesel locomotives driving by asynchronous motors.

In 2007 passed the testing Russia's first explosion-proof adjustable synchronous electric motor RVSD-series with power capacity of 14 MW. This electric machine could be applied not only for petroleum industry, but also for gas pipelines as the efficient and eco-friendly alternative to gas turbines.

Then expanded the asynchronous motors’ range and the company released the motor VAO-series with power capacity up to 5MW.

In 2008 started the production of the innovative turbogenerators TTK-series with tubular casing and power capacity of 110 MW. Machines of this type were produced in Russia for the first time.

2010S - produced the first asynchronous explosion-proof motors for driving the main circulating pump for nuclear power stations. The packaging of the gas turbines and gas reciprocating power plants were started.

In recent years the plant went through the upgrading: the machinery equipment was considerably upgraded, the production has oriented into the most advanced technologies. Advanced machinery and continuous personnel development enhance the product quality.

Over 60 years of activity the company has produced more than two thousand turbogenerators and more than two hundred thousand electric machines, motors and control equipment. Today PRIVOD continues the manufacturing traditions of Lysva Turbogenerator Plant and considered with the good reason as one of the largest Russian power machine-building enterprises.