About the company


PRIVOD is one of the largest Russian producer of power generation machines and controls for Oil&Gas, Power, Nuclear, Transportation, Metallurgical and other industries.
On the great research and development basis, PRIVOD carries out design, development, manufacturing and technical maintenance of customized electrical machines.

  • Our divisions:

  • • Managing team and financial division (Russia, Moscow) focused on sophisticated researching of customer’s needs, maintaining ability to stay competitive in the target market segment, business development, enforcement of good partnership with the customer. The company maintains mutually beneficial cooperation with local and global power generation equipment manufacturers including Tyazhmash JSK, ODK Gas Turbines, GE, MAN Diesel&Turbo, etc.;

  • • Engineering centers are located in city Lysva (Perm region), Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg and Novosibirsk allowing to meet the most complex design challenges of advanced electrical equipment;

  • • Full production cycle manufacturing facility (Russia, Lysva city, Perm region), equipped with the advanced machinery, makes possible to produce annually over 150 medium and large electrical machines in the wide power ranges from 300kW up to 300 MW. Finished products pass through full testing in the own testing facility. Testing includes rotor balancing at rated speed and overspeed conditions on the Schenk equipment; full testing of electrical machines;

  • • Specialists of Service Department (Russia, Lysva city, Perm region) provide installation and commissioning supervising; carries out operational service during the whole machine life-time.

Drives and Generators produced by PRIVOD are in steady demand in Russia and abroad and successfully operate worldwide in standard and harsh climate conditions, from Russian North to Africa and Latin America tropics and deserts.

We are reliable local employer for 2000 employees. Social policy is directed to attract high-qualified personnel, sustainable growth of employees’ proficiency, providing for respectable salary and social warranties.